Foreign Apartment

Two-channel video with sound still, 9:31 min. Courtesy the artist and Insa Art Space

Foreign Apartment

Artist: Sangdon Kim

Foreign Apartment, 2008
Two-channel video with sound, 9:31 min
Courtesy the artist

There is an abandoned apartment building at the center of Dongducheon built in the 1970s. Seemingly a modern residential building of the time, it is now a haunted house almost completely locked in. KIM digs into the origin, function and identity of the past dwellers of the house through a series of interviews and researches, which exposes many different versions of memories and “truths.” This building can be an extended metaphor of Dongducheon in the sense that there are only numerous rumors, assumptions, fictions, orally transmitted tales and fictitious realities that are created in the course of state regulation, control and manipulation of the reality of this military camp site. KIM probes into the apartment and detects time, memory, presences and stories from remnants of daily lives like teacups still with coffee stain and Korean jars still buried in the ground for fermentation of sauce. By interlacing these desolate yet wild traces of lives with non-/fictive interviews, KIM examines the point and gap by which one can ironically suspect the invisible presences.

-Heejin Kim, Insa Art Space

This video is part of Insa Art Space’s presentation “Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision,” May 9-July 6, 2008, Museum as Hub, New Museum.