Bite the Bullet!

Web project still, *exe, Courtesy the artist

Bite the Bullet!

Artist: Rho Jae Oon

Bite the Bullet!, 2007
Web project, *exe,
Courtesy the artist

At the back of this small city, Dongducheon, there lies a grand scheme of things called the world political situation, especially the U.S. foreign policy in East Asia and the Global Defense Posture Review (GPR). RHO Jae Oon has been working with meta-text, meta-narratives that expose criticality over representation and reality, by appropriating all kinds of images, texts and information that float on the Web into signs. In this exhibition, RHO again disregards images directly associated with Dongducheon. He instead recomposes and re-organizes images through mise-en-scene; some images from classical Hollywood movies of the 1950s and other photographs he took himself. He speculates on the history of the American Forces in Dongducheon, Korean subconscious and issues of U.S. military alignment that are currently under process.

-Heejin Kim, Insa Art Space

Bite The Bullet Website

This work is part of Insa Art Space’s presentation in the Museum as Hub introductory presentation from December 1, 2007, through February 24, 2008, and “Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision” May 9-July 6, 2008, Museum as Hub, New Museum.