Sangdon KIM, Discoplan (detail), 2007, performance & workshop video, objects, drawings, an illustrated manual.
Image courtesy the artist and Insa Art Space, Seoul


Artist: Sangdon Kim

For the opening exhibition, Sangdon KIM is working on Discoplan, a community outreach/participatory art education workshop devised to open a dialogue (which has been strained with silence, distrust, and cracks) between the residents of Dongducheon, and to call for a critical mind by providing them with information on a macrostructure with social and political consequences. Recently transferred from the US military to Korea, Camp Nimble was a vehicle maintenance facility that used to occupy the smallest area among American Forces stationed in Dongducheon. The ownership of this land was transferred to the Republic of Korea, Ministry of National Defense, but is still left unused due to serious soil contamination. Currently, Ministry of National Defense soldiers have been controlling access to the area along a barbed wire fence. Observing that Camp Mobile (which has a scheduled transfer of ownership next year) was a helicopter airport, the artist developed the idea to invite the residents to create flying gadgets equipped with seeds of healing and rebirth and fly them over the barbed wire fence. Hence, the artist and residents will be engaged in a performance, revitalizing the contaminated soil in an environmentally-friendly way.

Utilizing recycled, everyday materials, KIM has made 20 different prototypes of flying objects (sling, spoon trebuchet, egg bomb, mock helicopter, water rocket, etc.) that have firing distance of 15 meters. At the lower part of these flying objects, KIM has placed seed pockets designed to burst open on landing after they cross over the wall of the transferred military land (Camp Nimble), naturally sowing the seeds. An outdoor workshop will be held alongside the wall; participating residents are invited to take materials provided by the artist and make DIY inventions themselves, either by following an illustrated manual or by bringing their own ideas or materials and improvising various changes. KIM will video document interviews with and conversations among the participating residents during this workshop, as well as the performance where all inventions will fly over the wall at the same time. The edited video is on view in Museum as Hub in the opening presentation. Other materials at the exhibition include flying gadgets from the actual event, photographs, artist’s drawings, and an illustrated manual.

-Heejin Kim, Insa Art Space

This work is part of Insa Art Space’s presentation in the Museum as Hub introductory presentation from December 1, 2007, through February 24, 2008.