Artist: Koh Seung Wook

Legend, 2008
Artist’s book
Courtesy the artist

Legend is a collaborative publication conceived and designed by KOH with various versions of “legends” contributed by online participants. This book introduces diverse personal legends where one’s self-denial is overcome by self-acknowledgement through the process of accepting others in one’s relationship. To speak of a production process of this participatory book project, KOH creates a website of A Proposal for Transposing Sangpae-dong Public Cemetery into a Public Park, the existent piece he made in the form of a leaflet for the opening presentation in the New Museum. For motivating people’s participation, the website text provides a more focused analysis of the cemetery as a site of self-reflection of the Korean society. The website also has a sub menu for a new piece, ‘Legend,’ which invites web users to contribute their own anecdotal stories. The artist collects the stories and composes them into a book with his drawings.

-Heejin Kim, Insa Art Space

This work is part of Insa Art Space’s presentation “Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision,” May 9-July 6, 2008, Museum as Hub, New Museum.